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Catching Sturgeon is easy if you know how. We will be listing how to articles, tips and information teaching you "how to catch Sturgeon" here. We will talk about: Please e-mail us with any Sturgeon tips, how to catch Sturgeon fishing articles, popular Sturgeon baits or any information you have about Sturgeon including fishing reports and we will post them here.

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    What kind of bait should a person use to catch sturgeon? I have no idea, and I'd like to know so as to go fishing for sturgeon.
    Tnx for any and all info;)

    That varies from place to place. Sturgeon will eat what the area they are in provides so they may eat Shad or Shrimp or just something really smelly that's on the bottom. If you go out just once with a good guide you will find that the expense is worth it. You will learn lots of things that would take you a life time of trips to learn on your own. One trip with a good guide and you'll know enough to make your future trips pay for themselves in how much more you catch then as a bonus you have lots and lots more fun.

    N.W. Sturgeon Adventures

    We offer 1/2 and full day sturgeon trips on the Scenic Columbia and Willamette rivers in Portland, Oregon or just minutes away. We run a fully covered and heated custom 2006 22ft Alumaweld for your comfort and safety. With over 25 years fishing for sturgeon, I can guarantee you a fun filled adventurous day. Sturgeon is the ONLY thing we fish for so if you want to fish for Salmon, Steelhead, Bass, Carp or Catfish you'll need to find another fishing guide service. If you want to fish for Sturgeon contact N.W. Sturgeon Adventures for the best STURGEON FISHING ONLY experience you'll find.
    N.W. Sturgeon Adventures

    I want to thank you for your reply, and so quickly. I have never caught a sturgeon, yet. are they good to eat or not really?

    I am not a fish eating nut. I mean I don't care for clams, sushi, oysters and the likes. I do eat some \salmon, Steelhead (taste about exactly the same) Halibut Lobster and Sturgeon. Sturgeon (if properly cleaned and prepared may be the best of those all). Depends on who you talk to but it is white meat and easy to cook ( just fry in a little bitter) and not oily or fishy tasting. If I could only have one last meal I am not sure but I might pick Sturgeon. The first time I ever ate any I was amazed! I think the reason you don't hear more about it (in restaurants etc.) must be because the quantities available are somewhat limited). There are "Salmon farms" where farmers actually grow Salmon in pens just like they do pigs and cows so the quantities are unlimited. There isn't commercial fishing of Sturgeon to any extent so it's not highly marketed.
    The great thing about Sturgeon is that once you find a spot or area to fish they are pretty easy to catch. Most other fish migrate and are in vastly different places from day to day and season to season. And also always at different levels or depths. Sturgeon are almost always right on the bottom and tend to stay or consistently be found in the same areas. There is also lots of action. There are lots and lots of Sturgeon that are too small to legally keep but they are still fun to catch so there is always a good chance of spending a day where you get lots and lots of action.

    Tips For Catching Sturgeon
    Sturgeon catching fishing tips.

  • If your not getting sturgeon bites within at least half and hour move. Move as much as possible until you catch fish.

  • Have enough bait, and make sure it's fresh and stays fresh. It's also a good idea to have several kinds of bait in your boat.

  • If bait steeling trash fish are bad wrap your bait with elastic thread, if they are worse wrap it with spawn sack cloth too, if they are even worse, move. Usually if there are sturgeon in the area the trash fish aren't too bad.

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Sturgeon Fishing Guides

     Fishing sturgeon in the upper Columbia River depends more on bottom structure than depth. Fish of all sizes can be caught in water 20-30 ft. deep if it is in a feeding lane or trough. Anchoring in the upper end of a trough or off to one side of the trough and casting or drifting bait into the trough is an effective way to entice fish. Study a good chart of the river bottom to get an idea of where to start fishing. Be patient. Most sturgeon bites are as light as that of a trout. If you experience a lot of "jump-uppers" ones that cause you to jump out of your seat and grab the rod and then not get another bite, try reducing the size of the hook to a 5/0 or 6/0 hook. In catching several hundred sturgeon over the past 5 years, I have never had a sturgeon swallow the hook to a point where it was not visible in the outer mouth area.
Name: Bob Wimberly

     Upriver sturgeon fishing requires heavy butted sensitive tip rod that is 7-7 1/2 feet in length. Short boat rods allow for detecting the lightest of bites while providing power for the largest fish. The shorter rod all but eliminates accidental injury caused from casting or setting hooks on longer rods. This is especially true for less experienced fishermen. Best bait day in and day out above John Day Dam is Roll-Mop Herring with a hook no larger than 7/0 (barbless). Being able to break loose from the anchor will assist in making light rods and line (50# high tech type)more desireable to use, easier to cast and sufficient for the big boys.
Name: Bob Wimberly

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